December Pilates CEC Workshops


Saturday, December 2nd, 2017


12:00 pm

December Pilates CEC Workshops

12:00-2:15    STOTT PILATES® Foam Roller™, Level 1
Incorporate a Foam Roller™ into exercises adapted from both the Matwork and Reformer repertoires for a workout that challenges balance and

coordination. In this workshop, developed by the Merrithew® team, you learn how the Roller targets core stabilizers, cues alignment and challenges

strength through the periphery and core. Discover how to use cues and corrections to maintain safety and effectiveness in all workouts.

Level of Difficulty: Essential

Cost: 100.00

2:15-4:15      STOTT PILATES® Foam Roller™ Challenge, Level 2
Once your clients have mastered Pilates on a Roll, Foam Roller, Level 1, advance to the next level with this progressed workout developed by the

Merrithew® team. Take advantage of the Roller’s unstable nature to strength and balance and motivate clients and classes alike. Learn to create programs

with added intensity and variety while maintaining safety and cueing effectively.

Level of Difficulty: Essential/Intermediate


4:30-6:30      STOTT PILATES
® Dynamic Balance  Stability Ball® Level 2
One of the best ways to strengthen to the core is on an unstable platform and this workshop, created by the team at Merrithew®, teaches you to do

just that! This fun and invigorating workout further challenges torso stability with major emphasis placed on balance and proprioception. Reminiscent

of moves on the Reformer, this program truly challenges the core with specific exercises and is designed to increase strength and mobility of the

whole body.

Level of Difficulty: Essential/Intermediate

Cost: 100.00