The STOTT PILATES® method is a safe and highly effective contemporary approach to the original exercise methods pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates. As the only STOTT PILATES Licensed Certified Training Center in Tennessee, our beautiful and fully equipped facility provides a space for Certified Instructors and clients to practice in an environment committed to encouraging mind/body balance.

All the instructors at the Pilates Centre have been trained in the STOTT PILATES Method, a safe and effective program for developing core strength, flexibility, mobility and balance. They are trained to work with different body types and provide movement cues for body awareness and the practice of proper form.  Modifications to each exercise are also provided for safe and effective variations at all levels of fitness. The Five Basic Principles of breath, pelvic and rib cage placement, scapular stability, and head and cervical placement are the basis of the Pilates program, increasing body awareness and proper alignment with emphasis on the correct bio-mechanical sequencing for ease and fluidity of movement throughout all the joints and muscles of the body. All of those new to the STOTT Pilates program are encouraged to attend a Intro class to learn these foundational principles. See our studio policies and new client health form here. 

Enjoy the benefits of a personalized STOTT PILATES program with us:

  • Increase muscular tone, endurance and flexibility
  • Develop balance, coordination and body awareness
  • Improve posture and alignment
  • Boost core strength and stability
  • Refine athletic performance
  • Relieve stress and back pain
  • Prevent injury

The Pilates Centre of Ballet Memphis is located at:
1789 Kirby Parkway #8
Memphis, TN 38120    (Map It)
901.753.4177 | Email

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