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Crystal Brothers shares an insider's look at pointe shoes

My pointe shoes look like shiny tubes of hard satin when I pick them up from the wardrobe department, and that's when the process begins. I have to step on them to make them mold to my foot, cut half the inside shank out and shave bits of the outside shank off so they will bend where I want them to, sew ribbons and elastics on so they'll stay on my foot, sew elastics in the ribbons so they don't cause tendonitis in my achilles, darn the tip of the toe to help keep their shape and... Read More
Posted by Ballet Memphis at Monday, June 6, 2016 | 2 comments
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Active Aging: using Pilates to avoid injury and enjoy life!

I have been taking Pilates about 11 years. Along with Pilates, I swim with a Master Swim club three days a week, I bike, I do strength training and I garden, a lot. About 11 years ago I ruptured three discs in my back and could not continue to do the exercises and activities I so loved to do. Swimming and Pilates were recommended to me. Both have given me back the ability to be active and participate in all the things I enjoy doing. Pilates has taught me how to perform everyday tasks correctly... Read More
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Construction: $12 million permit filed for Ballet Memphis

Apr 18, 2016, 9:36am Meagan Nichols Reporter Memphis Business Journal A multimillion-dollar building permit for Ballet Memphis’ future Midtown headquarters was just filed. The permit, valued at more than $12.6 million, was submitted April 15 for “new construction” at the 2144 Madison Ave. site in Overton Square. The contractor on the project was listed as Grinder, Taber & Grinder and the architect as Archimania.Formerly the location of the French Quarter Inn, the property was originally... Read More
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