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The Hyde Family Foundation to match funds raised by Ballet Memphis for new building and endowment campaign

MEMPHIS, TENN. (January 10, 2017) – – –  The Hyde Family Foundation , based in Memphis, announced today that it will grant up to $2 million in matching funds to Ballet Memphis for funds raised by the organization for its campaign project.   The current $31 million campaign is funding Ballet Memphis’ new headquarters now under construction in Midtown Memphis as well as an endowment to sustain the Company and create future works.   ... Read More
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The Commercial Appeal 'Memfit' - Featuring Ballet Memphis dancer Eileen Frazer

Name:   Eileen Frazer Age:  27 Occupation:  Dancer Support:  My family, without them I would not be where I am today. Why did you become a dancer?  I have been dancing since I was 7 and it became a part of me. I enjoy the discipline and work that goes with it, but mostly enjoy the final product, being on stage and being able to inspire or reach someone out in the audience, making them feel part of my world. What is your daily regimen?  I... Read More
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The Commercial Appeal 'Memfit' - featuring Ballet Memphis dancer Jonathan David Dummar

Name:  Jonathan David Dummar Age:  32 Occupation:  I consider myself a Professional Performing Artist. Currently, I am a dancer with Ballet Memphis and a STOTT Pilates Instructor. Support:  My family has really been there for me throughout my career, I have not been able to live in the same city as my mother, father and sister since I was 16, but I still rely on them in tangible and intangible ways. I also gain tremendous support from differing mind/body... Read More
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