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Contrary to what this photo might suggest, there's no acid being thrown around here (click on "acid" to see recent story about drama at the Bolshoi Ballet). Here it's mostly just hard work, with a little fun thrown in.

The company is in the middle of stylizing Taking Flight with Petr Zahradnicek. They have learned so much even since I saw it last. The movements are complex and require constant attention, plus performance skills. The choreography brings to mind the propellers and wings of a plane, the industrial conveyor belt, and of course deep breaths of stretching, sweeping ballet. Movements are in sync, out of sync, and cascading. FedEx boxes, box-sized puzzle pieces, and airplane seats serve as props. Hideko Karasawa is working extra hard as the central dancer. 

Things I like observing:  

  • The different stages the dancers' pointe shoes are in – some shiny and new and some pancaked and fully broken in.  
  • The guest choreographers. How they teach and the way they help the dancers make the best use of their talent is inspiring.  
  • The dancers rehearsing full out, in character, with active faces, every time (see Bryn Gilbert above).  

What do you like?    

Posted by Joan Biddle at 9:21 PM
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