Set to Take Flight May 11, a New Kind of Partnering

May is a busy time at Ballet Memphis. The dancers are back in the studio preparing for Taking Flight May 11. After Taking Flight, a group of dancers will travel to Guatemala to perform, and then it's time for Interiorworks at the end of May, a show of original works  put on by the dancers and staff at the Ballet Memphis studios.

Partnering in dance has always fascinated me. Having not done much of it, I am in awe of the strength and balance it takes. Travis Bradley explores new territory in his Splinters of the Stars, part of Taking Flight, which has Dylan G-Bowley and Kendall Britt Jr., two male dancers, partnering. In the first iteration of Splinters, their partnership was set up like traditional male-female partner dance. But in the new staging both men share the effort and take turns carrying the other. It's intriguing to watch. Stephanie Mei Hom and I were discussing how we like to see male-male and female-female partners in dance. It's a different take on traditional ballet partnering, where the female is the one being manipulated, so to speak.

Here are Steven McMahon and Travis Bradley going over Splinters of the Stars. Get tickets to Taking Flight here, and join us on facebook for more behind-the-scenes info and photos. 


Posted by Joan Biddle at 1:42 PM
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