Releasing Tension to Become a Better Dancer


Here, the dancers stretch and relax their muscles during rehearsal. Daniel Russell Cooke was talking to me about releasing tension. Dancers have to be strong but soft at the same time. For him, the Bournonville Method of Napoli has helped him to release tension in his upper body, which has to be “gentle and giving” while the lower body is very sharp. There are some instances where releasing tightness is the only way to do a move right. For Daniel, this has opened up a new world. It has taught him to pay attention to where tension is held and how to release it.  

Travis Bradley’s Splinters of the Stars was originally inspired by diamonds – like dancers, strong yet delicate. There is this dichotomy in a dancer – strength and beauty. Travis is revamping Splinters of the Stars from its 2011 debut with new music and additional parts. Partnering requires another kind of tension release as you have to give over your body to let the other person lift you. Here is a sneak peek of Dylan G-Bowley and Kendall Britt rehearsing. 


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