Rehearsals for Oz Underway, Staying Together in the Corps de Ballet


 Prepare to enter a world of magic in The Wizard of Oz this April at the Orpheum. Here, the Wicked Witch's Poppies brace against the Good Witch's Snowmen. In Steven McMahon's choreography, which he's revising for this new Oz, the Poppies float about like seeds in the air, casting their sleep spell.

Did you ever wonder how dancers stay together in their unison choreography steps? In the corps de ballet, dancers sometimes choose to follow one dancer whom everyone can see. Associate Artistic Director Karl Condon also encourages them to feel the music, feel one another, and let it be organic. This is especially true if the music does not have obvious counts that are easy to pick out. Sometimes dancers have to disregard counts and "being right" in order to make the dance seamless. As you can imagine, this is not easy, but comes with great results.


Posted by Joan Biddle at 1:43 PM
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