"Interiorworks" at the Studios, May 30 - June 1, 8 pm

The dancers are preparing for Interiorworks  next weekend at Ballet Memphis studios. Below, Virginia Pilgrim rehearses for Dylan G-Bowley's piece. The works are all-new and tend to be more experimental and modern than the classical ballets. I even saw sickled feet in rehearsal - on purpose! In Bowley's piece, dancers draw a sickled foot up their leg in a take on passe that brings to mind a more human and natural movement. It takes knowing the classical technique to break away from it in meaningful ways.


Below, Kendall Britt, Brandon Ramey and Julie Niekrasz rehearse for a piece Cecily Kuhner created for Interiorworks. Her work embraces classical style with a few detours thrown in.


Other works by Karl Condon, Sarah Farnsley, Julie Opiel, Travis Bradley and more will be presented. Interiorworks  is at Ballet Memphis studios, 7950 Trinity Road, Thursday May 30 -  Saturday June 1 at 8 pm. Call 901-737-7322 for more information.

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