"In Dreams" Heads to Guatemala

Monday the dancers rehearsed In Dreams, a piece created to the music of Roy Orbison for Ballet Memphis by Trey McIntyre. A group of dancers will perform In Dreams, among other works, in Guatemala in a few weeks as part of the company's touring.


Here Virginia Pilgrim and Steven McMahon practice one of their duets. To see two such strong dancers partner together is a true delight. Each magnifies the other's expertise and passion to double the effect, and overwhelm you.

In Dreams is one of the company's signature works, and has moved audiences all over, including at The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. In 2010 Sarah Kaufman of The Washington Post wrote:

"Particularly now, Memphians are living the ragged emotions to which Orbison gave voice. Ballet may be an art of refinement and privilege, but it exists in the everyday, and one can't help but make connections between stage and reality. For me, the connection between "In Dreams" and life fused into a single line of understanding -- Tennessee, struggling in the recession; the deep South, devastated by the BP disaster in the gulf. The ache and darkness Ballet Memphis put onstage was more than a dance, it was an echo of human experience."

I don't think I could say it any better.

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Posted by Joan Biddle at 8:59 PM
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