Help keep our dancers on their toes. New fund needs your support!

Have you ever thought about all of the places your shoes have taken you? For a Ballet Memphis dancer, their shoes don’t simply take them from Point A to Point B. Shoes are essential to the art of dance. The ability to fly across the stages of the grand Orpheum Theater or the intimate Playhouse on the Square, happens only with the right shoes. For our dancers, the perfect fit is everything.   

Each season our dancers wear through 180 pairs of pointe shoes and 200 pairs of technique slippers. That means that a dancer’s shoes must be replaced every few weeks, if not sooner. That becomes especially important with pointe shoes. They are handmade in London to each dancer’s specifications, a process that can take up to eight months, so ballerinas usually prepare several pairs at a time, rotating them so that yesterday’s pair has time to regain its shape.

The cost per pair is $100, but they still may last just a week or two. It all adds up to an annual shoe budget of more than $30,000 for our 23 dancers. That’s why we are launching the Pointe Shoe Fund.  

Will you help keep our dancers on their toes by making a gift today?  

From the craftsmanship that goes into making the shoes, to the thousands of hours of preparation to deliver on-stage precision—every Ballet Memphis performance is the result of an unwavering commitment to excellence.  

You can match this commitment by making a gift to sponsor a pair of shoes today. When you give, you own a piece of the production and you can take pride in knowing you are part of a team determined to keep the arts alive on our stages and in our community.  

Thank you for keeping us en pointe!  


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