A trip to Napoli

Though they have only had one rehearsal so far (a few more for the guys), the dancers are fluent in the movements for Napoli, the ballet that will accompany The Wizard of Oz in April. The company is flexible and ready to learn. In fact, they seem most comfortable when they are dancing. Napoli is a 19th century Danish ballet by August Bournonville, and it requires a certain technique known as the Bournonville method.


The dancers are at work on Act III, a festive wedding scene. The variations (solos with dancers dancing the same steps) are very difficult but the dancers move with ease. Associate Artistic Director Karl Condon, who was taught in the Bournonville method, tells me the emphasis is on the down, the deep pliƩ. Karl encourages the dancers to have bravura and to stop in the air (long enough that three pictures can be taken!).

Posted by Joan Biddle at 9:29 PM
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