A flock of birds at the Kroc

In addition to understudying for parts in Family Matters, the trainees are preparing to perform at the opening of the Kroc Center on Saturday. They are dancing as birds, choreographed by Steven McMahon. Steven says, "With birds, you never know what you’re going to get." They could be sweet or they could try to hurt you. (He admits he might be working through some of his own issues here.) He encourages the dancers to embrace this and make exaggerated facial expressions and big eyes. The ballet includes birdlike movements and jerky head juts.



Steven tells the dancers, "In this piece, the weirder you look the better." In other words, commit to being a bird (as well as dancing beautifully, of course). For their costumes the dancers will wear black tuxedo jackets and leggings, plus feathery eyelashes. I took a peek in the costume room...



The dancers will perform Saturday at 12:30 pm at the Kroc Center Open House. The Kroc Center is a newly-opened 100,000 square foot community center in the heart of Memphis at 800 East Parkway South.

Posted by Joan Biddle at 12:53 PM
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