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Shooting fireworks out of our sternums

Longing. Yearning. Delight. Sadness. All emotions that a dancer has to convey. It is not easy to concentrate on dancing and acting at the same time, to not make that concentrating-on-the-next-move face, but professionals have to. Whether it is improvising if a prop is in your way (as Steven McMahon had to do in a rehearsal for George and Betty’s House , part of Family Matters ), or showing excitement or conflict or whatever emotion the piece calls for at that moment, a dancer must be on... Read More
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Sometimes a Great Tribute Has Nothing to Do With the Subject By ALASTAIR MACAULAY, New York Times

October 30, 2012  MEMPHIS — The Mississippi River, famous in song and literature, has also inspired choreography. At the end of Kansas City Ballet’s “Tom Sawyer,” new last year, the dancers embodied it. Now Ballet Memphis has taken up the theme with “The River Project,” a triple bill of new ballets honoring the Mississippi’s cultural importance. On paper Ballet Memphis often looks like one of the country’s most enterprising... Read More
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A river runs (vaguely) through it. River Project review by Christopher Blank

The first thing you might expect from Ballet Memphis' "River Project" — a program of three new dances inspired by the Mississippi River — are strong allusions to an actual river.Visual touches such as a watery lighting design or iconic music along the lines of "Proud Mary" or "Take Me to the River" may have been what artistic director Dorothy Gunther Pugh had in mind when she assigned three choreographers the task of riffing on the river and its metaphorical tributaries.The result, however, now... Read More
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